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New pond

For the coming season we enttarged and deepened our pond. Now it will be better for refreshing and swimming in hot summer days.

About us

We have run our camp since 1998. Besides this we have a farm and keep various animals. The camp and farm are located in a little village called Žebrákov, not faraway from the town of Světlá nad Sázavou, amidst the beautiful landscape of Bohemian-Moravian Highlands. You can stay in the camp and enjoy your holiday in this beautiful surroundings. There are various possibilities how to spend time here. You can watch animals like cows, calves, sheep, goats, horse, cats and kittens or German shepherd. You can ride a horse and watch traditional agricultural production. We organize events like barbecues with live country music and trips to the beautiful surroundings of Bohemian-Moravian Highlands. We address especially people from cities, who want to have a rest from busy city life and those who long for relaxation in the countryside. Here you can find peace and quiet, beautiful landscape and clean air and water. You can refresh in our pond or just watch dragonflies over the water or listen to the songs of frogs and birds. There is a nice view of the surrounding woods and distant landscape (up to thirty kilometres if the day is bright).

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Žebrákov 3

582 91 Světlá nad Sázavou

Czech Republic

+420 737 429 706

+420 569 452 872


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